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18 Mar

Collecting Police Vehicles

Posted by Andrew Wood in Diecast models, Police

Model Police cars have an enduring appeal, when I was a kid the Corgi Riley Pathfinder Police Car got much more respect in the playground than either the freewheeling or even the friction-powered civilian models. It was always fun to set up a chase and pretend you were Z Cars with your Corgi Police Zephyr chasing something disreputable like a stolen Jag Mk1.

From the Adult collector's point of view putting together a cabinet full of Police vehicles gives focus, if not limits, to a collection. You can refine it down again by being specific about what type of Police vehicle you collect. I have customers who collect Police cars only from one country - pretty tough when the country is New Zealand as there aren't that many, or one from every US State, both of which customers of Little Wheels are doing.

I've added a number of search tags to the items in the Little Wheels shop, Police being one of them, so that when you search on 'Police' you get all the Police related vehicles currently on sale. The same works for Ambulance & Fire too and a whole host of other search terms - so why not have a go?

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