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20 Mar

Farm Tractors - and others

Posted by Andrew Wood in Tractor

If you search on 'Tractor' in the Little Wheels shop you will get 3 pages of results, as there are 50 results per page that is a lot of tractors. Mind you they are not all farm tractors, articulated lorries turn up too where the cab unit is defined as 'Artic Tractor'.

There are about 100 or so agricultural tractors of one sort or an other, mainly from the Hachette Tractors of the World series made by Universal Hobbies and made to the standard we expect from them, consistently well modelled and finely detailed.

There are two reasons for this wealth of agricultural machinery, one is that I recently bought a complete collection of the Hachette series, the other being my own farming background. I guess I'm of an age with most diecast collectors and the tractors we remember from our youth, grey Fergies, Fordson Power Major, David Brown Cropmaster all sell quickly to people like me who actually used them.

The ones that remain are an amazing set of specialist and quirky machines from the past 100 years or so, most of them from well before the word 'safety' was ever used on a farm. They seem to me to provide a wide and interesting set of ways of maiming the operator.

Try the search and see what you think.

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