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24 Mar

Odd 1970s Matchbox Superfast

Posted by Andrew Wood in Diecast models, Matchbox

I was 14 in 1970 so most of my growing up was done in the decade of purple and orange, we hadn't learnt that just because you could make things out of florescent yellow plastic it was no reason for actually doing it.

So place yourself in the range planners' chairs at Lesney. Hot Wheels were seriously having your lunch, having appeared from nowhere a few years ago and you were surrounded everywhere with tasteless tat. Is it any surprise that they came up with the weirdest cars in the whole history of the brand?

Take a look in the Matchbox/Lesney Collection in the Little Wheels shop at some of the cars uploaded today. There's a serious German grand tourer - the BMW 3.0 CSL, painted orange with blue windows & yellow seats and one of the cars that just came out of someone's head - the Tanzara, one of about a dozen made-up vehicles in the range at the time, really odd. Put alongside these the Streakers versions of a couple of concept cars you have as much wild design and clashing colours as you could wish for.

Who came first? Erica Roe or the Matchbox Streakers?

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