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26 Mar

Featured Car: Corgi Juniors 21-C; B.V.R.T. Vita-Mini 1300 Mini-Cooper S;

Posted by Andrew Wood in Corgi, Diecast models

Like me when you first look at this little Corgi you could be forgiven for thinking it's just a bad piece of modelling. Not so. It is a model of a car which actually looked like that.

Quoting from http://mk1-performance-conversions.co.uk/vita_min.htm "The car is a Vita-Min, a Mini - Minisprint with a BVRT 8 Port head and supercharged fuel injection. It is so quick that Jeff rarely gets out of second gear - & that's at 105 mph! This incredible little device undoubtedly the fastest Mini in the world - develops around 180 bhp @ the flywheel& weighs less than an F3 single seater." (1968)

This must have been a truly remarkable little car and it is worth following the link to read all about it. Probably not that practical for the school run.

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