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15 Jul

How do you say Norbert Dentressangle?

Posted by Andrew Wood in Corgi, Diecast models, Trucks

One of the most often seen liveries on British motorways is Norbert Dentressangle, the enormous French haulier no-one in the UK can pronounce properly.

This is a Corgi Scania R Cab food products tanker in 1:64 scale and typically of the Superhaulers range is very presentable and displayable. You can own this one for £11.99 from the Little Wheels on line shop: http://little-wheels.net/products/23258


Not exactly an expert at phonetics but I will have a bash at giving you an idea as to how this is said:

Word One As Sounds with slightly more emphasis on the ‘Bert’ syllable.

Word Two: Said like ‘Dee-en-tress-san-gle’ … The name actually originates in the Netherlands so I understand.

I hope this is helpful in some way … Last time I did this for somebody over the dreaded ‘Louga-Burrugha’ [my home town] they were quite appreciative of my bash at phoenetics on that one :o)

Posted by Barnaby Dunkin on November 01, 2019

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