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30 Oct

Italian Police Lamborghini Gallardo

Posted by Andrew Wood

Yes, apparently the Italian Police - Polizia Stradale - did have a Lamborghini Gallardo, I've also got a model of one in Metropolitan Police colours (https://little-wheels.net/collections/lamborghini/products/81389) and there are pictures of that car on the internet too, so the Met presumably had one at some time. Beats driving a diesel Astra patrol car every time I would say.



Mostly thanks to this article I now have an Italian Lamborghini Gallardo in these colours. Thank you for sharing. This high speed pursuit outfit still operates today with the Lamborghini Hurrican which IIRC it has done since 2016: MODEL PRETTY PLEASE … Bonus marks for 1/43 Scale to complement this nicely.

Posted by Barnaby Dunkin on November 13, 2019

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