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30 Oct

I've always liked Citroens

Posted by Andrew Wood

I've always liked Citroens, and I have owned a number of them over the years, notably a 2CV and an XM.

The 15cv Traction Avant for me though stands for the old values of the brand. It had so many firsts when it was released in 1934. It was the first volume produced front wheel drive car and it was the first to do away with a separate chassis, the body shell providing the structure of the car.

These two innovations gave it a very low centre of gravity and ground-breaking handling for a car of its time. It stayed in production until it was replaced by the equally revolutionary DS in 1957. It also looks cool and has suicide doors.

This model is a modern reproduction of an old Dinky Toy. Atlas Editions had the brilliant idea of getting out the old Dinky dies and getting Norev to start making them again. There is a good range of these Atlas Dinky reproductions now and I've a small selection of them in the Little Wheels store here: https://little-wheels.net/collections/dinky-toys. I have more to come and will be releasing them over the next couple of weeks.


I have always had a passion for Citroen cars also! Ever since my parents took our family on holiday to Northern Spain at the end of the 60’s – and saw the wonderful 2CV vans and the gorgeous DS’s. I fulfilled a dream when I bought a 2CV Special – and was heartbroken when I had to scrap the old girl due to rampant corrosion! I have a large Citroen section in my museum collection – dating back to the beginning of the 70’s. High point for me is the proliferation of Altaya part works – some lovely evocative models amongst them!! Some of the Citroen DS models are just brilliant – my favourite being a DS estate as used by Michelin to test and develop new tyres. Stunningly detailed – pin point accurate – and a joy to have on display!!!!

Posted by Alastair Fitton on October 30, 2017

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