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31 Oct

Jags are lovely

Posted by Andrew Wood

This really nice Jaguar XK140 from Atlas Edition is new on the website today. You can find it here: https://little-wheels.net/collections/jaguar-cars. The XK140 which went into production in 1954 evolved out of the XK120 launched in 1948 and in turn was replaced by the XK150 in 1957. The XK150 stayed in production until 1961 overlapping briefly with the E-Type. All three share the same wonderful look and the glorious straight six XK engine.

The model is from an Atlas Editions series of Jaguars. I picked up a few of them at the Chester Auction last week and so far have only got out the XK140 and the Mark 2, which is another fine model. I'm looking forward to seeing the rest of them.

My love affair with Jaguars started in the 1960s. I had the Corgi Toys Mk10 which I loved and in 1968 my father took me to the Motor Show at Earls Court, which was where the XJ6 was launched. I still have the copy of Autocar magazine from the show with the XJ6 on the front.

I had to wait until I was in my forties though before I owned the real thing. It was a Daimler badged 420 from 1969 bought as a classic. However it was not a wise purchase. The car was lovely and a delight to drive, again having that XJ engine in 4.2 litre form, but it was too far gone and not viable to restore, so I sold it on.

A few years later, having decided the family no longer needed an MPV, I traded in the Grand Voyager for a modern Jaguar S Type. It was the facelift model with the V6 diesel engine. This car was a revelation. It drove like nothing I've driven before or since, my wife's BMW comes close, but it was sensational, fast, comfortable and absolutely planted on the road. I took it up to 150,000 miles when the electronics began to fail and swapped it in for an XJ6.

This was the last of the line before the new shape XJ took over and it was another wonderful car, big, sumptuous and a great way to travel long distances quickly and in fantastic comfort. Not so much of a driver's car though as the S Type.

Then I started my diecast model business and needed a load carrier so the Jag had to go and was replaced by a big Ford estate car, which is practical, but no fun. I'll be back in a Jag soon though, not one of the new ones, I don't really like the shape. No, I'll look for a low mileage S Type, they are out there and really good value for money too.

My Jag history:


They were amazing cars, can’t wait to get back into an S-Type

Posted by Andrew Wood on December 26, 2017

Wow nice vehicles you had. I would love to find a S-Type, in the blue color pictured here! I should send you some pics of my diecast collection. I have a fast Jaguar and Mercedes Benz collection.

Posted by Glenn on November 06, 2017

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