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26 Dec

The Best Money Could Buy - by Kent Bostrom

Posted by Andrew Wood

Was of course an Austin A 30 and second an A 35, both common in the 1950’s. These were modern cars with self-supporting bodywork, which meant they had no frame under. That was something quite radical in 1951 especially for a rather cheap motor car. The A 30 kept its traficators behind the front doors and they worked properly on the days when they were in a good mood. Some motorists forgot to turn it off after a turn, but modern technology was soon to assist. For those who wanted to modernize their older A 30 they could buy indicators to replace the old-fashioned traficators. They were mounted at the same location and had a nice, ticking sound, making it difficult to forget to turn it off.

With the introduction of the A 35 you got indicators as standard equipment and a wide rear screen instead of half-moon shaped on the A 30. On most Austin models the parking lights were placed just in front of the wing mirrors, giving the make a distinct look at night for a number of years. Both the A 30 and the A 35 got very popular around Europe, not to mention the van, which was kept in production until 1968. That was ten years more than for the other A 35 versions. To us old fans that have loved this little car it’s still a smash hit and we miss it a lot, but in our hearts it will never be forgotten. At Christmas time – Kent Bostrom

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