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15 Jul

How do you say Norbert Dentressangle?

Posted by Andrew Wood in Corgi, Diecast models, Trucks

One of the most often seen liveries on British motorways is Norbert Dentressangle, the enormous French haulier no-one in the UK can pronounce properly.

This is a Corgi Scania R Cab food products tanker in 1:64 scale and typically of the Superhaulers range is very presentable and displayable. You can own this one for £11.99 from the Little Wheels on line shop: http://little-wheels.net/products/23258

13 Jul

Royal Mini

Posted by Andrew Wood in Corgi, Diecast models

This very smart Mini was made in 2013 to celebrate 60 years since the Queen's Coronation, it is a very nicely finished version of the Corgi 1:36 scale Mini which has itself been in production for more than 40 years.

I guess though that if in the vote in September the Scots do decide to leave the UK we will have to stop sticking Union Jacks on everything. No Union will mean no Union Jack.

You can own this very nice little car for £9.99 by following this link: http://little-wheels.net/products/22937

12 Jul

Ich bin ein Berliner

Posted by Andrew Wood in Bus, Diecast models, Matchbox

The UK version of this Matchbox Superkings Daimler Fleetline bus is called The Londoner, this is the Berlin version - not called the Berliner - which I think is a type of doughnut, not a bus.

Lesney took some pains to produce this version, it is not just a set of German language stickers and a new box, it is a whole new casting with the passenger doors on the right and the driver's seat on the left. I did not know it existed until this one turned up in a mixed lot from an auction.

You can own it for £8.99 by following this link: http://little-wheels.net/products/23003

09 Jul

Rutland Indepenence Campaign

Posted by Andrew Wood in Corgi, Diecast models, Trucks

This is such a good looking truck, very nicely finished. It is an ERF EC Curtainsider in the livery of CS Ellis of Oakham in Rutland, England's smallest county, which has struggled over the years to remain a separate county and not be absorbed into Leicestershire.

I love the idea of a campaign for its independence.

You can own this handsome truck for £11.99 by following this link: http://little-wheels.net/products/23256

08 Jul

Good Old Moggy

Posted by Andrew Wood in Corgi, Diecast models

If, like me, you were born in the mid 50s the Morris Minor was so much part of the background to everyday life, small businesses used the van and the pickup, the school taxi lady had a Traveller with wood round the back of the car and a particular type of often eccentric and older person had the convertible. It was always seen as the odd version of the Moggy.

For me though it is now the nicest of the Corgi Morris Minors, especially this one with the hood down, made in 1988 and in a good box this one can be yours for £11.99 by following this link: http://little-wheels.net/products/23239

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