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Little Wheels Museum

I was a diecast collector long before I was a diecast dealer. In fact I have memories of playing with my Matchbox Wolseley 1500, my Corgi Austin A40 and my Budgie Leyland cattle truck going back to 1960, maybe earlier. I'm trying to say that it's not just about business.

My first website www.chezbois.com started out as an on-line homage to Marcel von Cleemput's Great Book of Corgi. It also has substantial sections on Matchbox & Dinky, and some others too. It is still live, but I've not updated it for a while. It was a showcase for my then collection. All sold now.

My next site was http://little-wheels.co.uk which is more dynamic than chezbois and this one contains an example of every diecast I've ever owned, and that is a lot of diecasts, 20,000 of them and more. There are more than a quarter of a million pictures too. I want this site to be a reference for collectors, a place to go to see 360 degree pictures of all the diecasts. We add about three hundred pictures every day of 25 new diecasts so it is getting there. This site started out as a shop as well as a museum, but just got too big. You couldn't find anything to buy among the museum exhibits and the shop element has now been removed.

So now I have third website, www.little-wheels.net which is 100% shop. Everything in this website is for sale. Once it is sold it is removed. The site is modern, easy to search and use and is getting more hits every day.

I've asked my developer to front up both Little Wheels websites with a new page so if you go to www.little-wheels.co.uk you get a choice between the new shop or the old museum, that is between the new 'all you can see is for sale' site and the old 'here is every diecast I've ever owned' site. I hope this makes things simpler for people while keeping the great resource of the Little Wheels Museum up there for everyone to use.

Please feel free to feed back on using the sites by emailing me on: andrew@little-wheels.co.uk

 Best wishes, Andrew Wood

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