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25 Jun

Studebaker Golden Hawk: The Dinky Collection by Matchbox

Posted by Andrew Wood

The American Studebaker Golden Hawk from 1956 was such a stylish car and so different to the Fords & GM cars available at the time, its influence stretched right across the Atlantic to the UK.

Rootes Group were heavily influenced by it in the styling of their Audax family of cars - the Hillman Minxes, Sunbeam Rapiers and Humber Sceptres of the early 60s have several design cues from this car, the central square grille with the small grilles to the sides, the line of the front wings and the wrap around rear window with the reverse slope on the C pillar all reflect the American car.

You can own this immaculate car, made around 1990, in its very good box for £11.99 at the Little Wheels on line shop: http://little-wheels.net/products/22833

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