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29 Jul

Thunderbirds are Go

Posted by Andrew Wood in Diecast models, Matchbox

I loved the Thunderbirds when I was a kid, trouble was it was on ITV and we only got decent reception at home on BBC1 so I only got to see it when I went to friends houses. It was great watching it again with my own kids, just as good as I remember.

This is a Matchbox Thunderbird 2 with Thunderbird 4 in the pod. As a kid I had the original Dinky version of this, except it came from a jumble sale and one of the legs was missing.

You can own this one for £6.99 by following this link: http://little-wheels.net/products/23529

23 Jul

My favourite car of all time

Posted by Andrew Wood in Diecast models

I was at the 1968 Earls Court Motor Show where the Jaguar XJ6 was launched, this model. I still have the show guide with the Jag on the cover. It was and remains a wonderful car.
I eventually owned my own XJ6 - the last of the line - and sadly sold it on a couple of months ago. It was also wonderful.
You too can own an XJ6 - this one, tricked out for racing. It is made by Vanguards and is nicely done. Please follow this link where it is on sale for £9.99: http://little-wheels.net/products/22980

17 Jul

The other James Bond Lotus

Posted by Mark Applin in Corgi, Diecast models

This is the other James Bond Lotus - the one that didn't go under the sea, those are skis strapped to the roof. It was featured in the Roger Moore Bond film For Your Eyes Only - not a high point in the franchise. Nice car though, from the Corgi Definitive Bond series.
It is priced at £11.99 in the Little Wheels on-line shop and featured on a whole page of James Bond cars, almost 30 of them - take a look: http://little-wheels.net/collections/james-bond

16 Jul

Service With Honour

Posted by Andrew Wood in Corgi, Diecast models, Trucks

Sticking with the truck theme here is another one from Corgi's Superhaulers range. It's another Scania this time a curtainsider operated by Knights of Old. I can see from my many likes every day that most of them are from outside the UK and these readers may think that there is a haulage firm in England run by blokes in armour sitting on horses. It is actually a company started by William Knight in the village of Old, Northamptonshire back in 1865.

You can own this truck for £11.99 by following this link: http://little-wheels.net/products/23262

15 Jul

How do you say Norbert Dentressangle?

Posted by Andrew Wood in Corgi, Diecast models, Trucks

One of the most often seen liveries on British motorways is Norbert Dentressangle, the enormous French haulier no-one in the UK can pronounce properly.

This is a Corgi Scania R Cab food products tanker in 1:64 scale and typically of the Superhaulers range is very presentable and displayable. You can own this one for £11.99 from the Little Wheels on line shop: http://little-wheels.net/products/23258

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